Amla: The Superfood

Amla (Emblica Officinalis) is commonly referred to for its role as an Indian Gooseberry. The berries of the tree are used in potent herbal remedies due to their healing qualities. Amla tree, which is native to Asia has small berries which are round and yellowish-green in color. Because of its numerous advantages for health, it is a good choice to be considered a superfood. In the ancient world of Ayurveda, the Amla is known under an alternative name, such as immortality, nurse, sour, and mother.


Amla has a distinct taste that is unique to it. Amla is that it has five distinct tastes, including pungent sweet, astringent, bitter, and sour. It is more aside from this, it aids in maintaining a healthy body and mind. This is the reason why it is referred to as the sacred remedy “Divyaushada.” Amla in Sanskrit is also known as Amalaki meaning nectar of life.

Amla Fruit is great in ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and carotene. It has a variety of polyphenols, like ellagic acid gallic acid, Apigenin quercetin, luteolin, and corilagin.

The Synonyms for Amla

In Sanskrit, it is referred to by the names of Amalki, Shriphala, Sheetaphala, Dhatri, and Tishyaphala.

In Hindi, it is referred to as Amla.

In Marathi, the word is referred to as Avala.

In English, it is known in the United States as Indian Gooseberry.

In Kannada, the language is known as Nelli.

In Tamil, it is referred to as Nellikai.

In Telugu, the word is known as Usheeri Kaya.

In Malayalam, it is referred to as Nelli.

Amla fruit is usually eaten as candies or pickles. It’s also available as a powdered or powdered supplement, or juice as a fast and easy way to get more nutrients in your diet.

Amla juice is not just tasty and versatile, but it is also extremely nutritious and linked with many health advantages.

Medically Health advantages of Amla

It provides a boost to your immunity. Vitamin C is abundant in amla and can provide an increase in your immune system. Vitamin C is essential for people of all ages, including children and even the old.

1. Amla and Hypertension

Amla is a potent source of antioxidants in a variety. It has been identified as having an antioxidant that helps to neutralize free radicals generated by our bodies in times of tension. Alongside antioxidants, Amla is a good source of a large quantity of potassium. Due to potassium’s capacity to regulate blood pressure, it is often included in the diets of people who suffer from problems with blood pressure. The main mechanism in controlling hypertension with Potassium is to dilate blood vessels. This in turn decreases the risk of having high blood pressure. In this case, consumption of Amla juice can be very effective.

2. Amla along with diabetes

In the past, Amla is used as a home remedy to treat or manage diabetes. The primary reason for diabetes is stress-related conditions. Amla is a great supply of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is known as a potent antioxidant that helps reverse free radical formation and the effects of oxidative stress. The regular consumption of Amla products regularly can reduce the risk of developing the development of diabetes. Differently, fibers from Amla can assist in absorbing the excess sugar from the body, allowing it to be absorbed into normal glucose levels. Therefore, including alma in the diabetes diet Plan can aid in the efficient management of diabetes.

It’s great for your heart health. The content of Vitamin C in amla is beneficial for heart health. It helps strengthen and increase the thickness of the arteries that surround your heart. This is crucial for people with excessive concentrations of unhealthy cholesterol.

3. Amla along with digestion


Amla fruit is a good source of soluble dietary fiber. Fibers play a significant role in controlling bowel movements that can ease the discomfort of diarrhea syndrome. Due to the greater amount of vitamin C present in Amla as well as its ability to absorb an adequate amount of minerals essential to. This is why it works in synergy with various health supplements.

4. Mental health and Amla

Amla fruit’s antioxidants possess an impressive free radical quenching ability that can protect brain cells from damage and improve memory. This is the reason why Amla is highly effective in treating those suffering from dementia.

It helps to reduce inflammation. Free radicals within our body can cause damage to the skin, and heart and even weaken our immune system. The reason is that free radicals can cause inflammation which is the main cause of the majority of illnesses. Amla’s antioxidants assist in neutralizing free radicals and reduce inflammation in the body.

5. Amla and weight loss

The cause of the accumulation of fat may be due to a slower metabolism. Uncontrolled diets can cause the accumulation of fat in undesirable areas. Amla assists in preventing fat accumulation and aids in flushing toxic substances out of the body. In general, eating raw Amla candies, candy, and Amla powder along with lukewarm water is suggested to aid in the loss of weight.

6. Amla oil for hair and healthy hair

Amla oil is utilized to last a long time as a natural remedy to increase the growth of hair. Hair growth is improved accomplished when a blend made of coconut oil along with Amla is frequently used to massage your hair. Amla oil can stimulate the hair follicles to encourage more rapid growth. The length and thickness of hair are enhanced when you use Amla oil. It’s a rich source of vitamin C which increases collagen levels. This is directly affecting the growth of hair through the replacement of dead cells that have died on the scalp. Amla does not only aid in the growth of hair but also helps prevent dandruff issues by conditioning the scalp. Vitamin C is a result of its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties help to prevent hair from scaling and itching. Ayurveda states that the cause of premature graying is due to excessive pitta. This is why Amla aids in reducing the pitta, which slows the process of greying hair. This is why Amal is present in a variety of hair colorants.

7. Healthier Eyes

Amla is also a great source of Vitamin A, which is thought to boost the health of your eyes. Vitamin A in Amla berries can improve your vision. It also helps reduce the chance of developing conjunctivitis and macular degeneration, which are common with age.

8. Amla as well as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Amla helps in flushing out toxins from your body during menstrual cycles and helps maintain the hormonal balance. This will instantly improve fertility for women.

9. Skin health and amla

Amla is a natural blood purifier and regular consumption of these products could improve the glow of your skin. The Amla products also aid in the fight against various allergies that are related to the skin.

Take care when taking Amla

For people who are allergic taking Amla products may increase the chance of bleeding.

If you are a diabetic, Amla should be taken with care because its consumption could drastically reduce the blood sugar level.

The dose of Amla juice may cause dry skin.

Amla is not recommended during coughing, or when it is aggravated. Kapha issues.

Amla is not advised during or after surgery as it could increase the chance of bleeding.

The most important thing is the bottom line

This Vitamin-C-rich fruit is excellent for your immunity the heart, skin, and hair. It is recommended to include it in your food to increase and reduce the effects of a sedentary lifestyle. It is a God-created home remedy that has a positive impact on our health.

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