Moringa The Superfood

Moringa Oleifera (Moringa) is an herb that is frequently called the drumstick also known as the miracle tree, ben oil tree, or the horseradish tree. The leaves, fruit sap, oil roots, bark pods, seeds, and flowers of this tree possess medicinal properties. The tree’s products are used for many purposes. It is often referred to as the ‘drumstick tree’. It is prevalent throughout Asia, Africa, and South America.


Moringa Leaves – High in Nutrients

Moringa leaves are very nutritious leaving behind carrots oranges, and even milk, in terms of nutritional importance. The leaves have many uses in Indian cuisine since they can be included in the diet in a variety of ways. Incorporating them into juices and making them into stir-fried veggies are among the most popular ways they can be consumed. If consumed in their natural form, moringa leaves do not have any adverse consequences.

Moringa leaf’s health benefits.

Nutritious Herb

Moringa leaves are high in vitamins A, and C as well as B1 (thiamin) B2 (riboflavin) B3 (niacin) B6, and Folate. They also have calcium, iron, magnesium as well as phosphorus and zinc. Moringa leaves are high in amino acids which are the protein building blocks. 18 amino acids of different types are present in the leaves and each one is essential to our overall health.

Fight Inflammation

Inflammation is the process by which the body responds naturally to injury or pain. Moringa leaves, because of their high Isothiocyanate content, are anti-inflammatory by nature. It also contains niazimicin, which has been shown to reduce the growth of cancer cells. Inflammation is the cause of many ailments such as arthritis, cancer, rheumatoid joint, and many auto-immune diseases. If we sustain an injury or infection, our body is prone to increased inflammation.

It is an effective defense mechanism against trauma, however, due to an unsuitable lifestyle and a poor diet, inflammation may grow within the body. Chronic inflammation can lead to health problems. Consuming moringa leaves helps to reduce inflammation.

Lower Blood Sugar Levels

High blood sugar levels can result in the growth of diabetes in people. The condition can lead to heart issues as well as organ damage in the body which can be prevented by maintaining blood sugar levels under control. Moringa leaves are an ideal option for this since they can stabilize blood sugar levels thanks to being rich in Isothiocyanates.

Reduces Cholesterol

In addition to flaxseeds, oats, and almonds Moringa leaves are an effective remedy for high cholesterol. Cholesterol is a major reason for people to suffer from heart disease and eating moringa leaves has shown significant improvement in high cholesterol levels. Moringa Oleifera may lower these levels and help reduce the possibility of developing heart disease. Women who are pregnant typically have more cholesterol levels, which in turn can increase the chance of developing gestational diabetes in their pregnancy. Is gestational diabetic? It is a kind of diabetes that is initially detected in pregnant women who had not been diagnosed with diabetes before becoming expecting. Moringa leaves are added to the diet to treat gestational diabetes.

Guards the Liver

Tuberculosis sufferers can greatly benefit from moringa leaf because they can reduce the negative side effects of anti-tubercular medicines. The leaves speed up the healing of liver cells. The leaves contain a significant level of polyphenols which guard against damage from oxidative oxidation to the liver and could even decrease the damage. They boost the levels of protein that are present in the liver.

It is also the center of the detoxification of blood, fat metabolism, and absorption of nutrients. It can function healthily only when your liver’s enzyme levels are healthy. Moringa leaves can help stabilize the liver enzymes.

Blocks Arsenic Toxicity

In many areas of the globe arsenic contamination is a prevalent issue. Arsenic is found in our systems via a myriad of foods, including rice.

Long-period exposure to arsenic leads to the development of cancer as well as heart disease. Studies on laboratory animals have revealed that moringa leaf extracts can help fight the harmful effects of arsenic.

Great for Stomach Health

Moringa leaves can be beneficial for digestive issues. Those suffering from constipation, gastric ulcers gastritis, gastritis, or ulcerative colitis must include Moringa leaf extract in the diet plan and feel the positive impact of it.

The leaves contain antibiotic and antimicrobial qualities that make them a great treatment for digestive problems. In addition, the abundance of vitamins present in the leaves aids in enhancing digestion.

Enhances Bone Health

Moringa leaves are abundant in calcium and mineral phosphorus. Both of these are essential for bone health. Because moringa leaves possess an anti-inflammatory property they aid in battling arthritis, and can even repair bones that have been damaged.

Moringa Oleifera is also a fighter against osteoporosis and helps keep bone and teeth healthy

Rich in Antioxidants


Moringa leaves possess anti-oxidative properties and help protect against the harmful effects of free radicals that are present in the surrounding environment. The destruction resulting from free radicals is the cause of a variety of chronic illnesses, including Type 2 Diabetes, Heart issues, and Alzheimer’s.

Moringa leaves are high in vitamin C and beta-carotene which protect in the fight against radicals.

Additionally, they have Quercetin, an antioxidant that aids in lowering blood pressure. Another antioxidant found in the leaves of moringa is chlorogenic acid, which aids in stabilizing blood sugar levels after meals.

A study on women’s health showed the consumption of 1.5 teaspoons of powdered moringa leaves daily for three months showed significant increases in blood antioxidant levels.

An Antiseptic

Moringa leaves are antiseptic and combat a variety of bacteria that cause infections. They can also aid in wound healing. They also help reduce minor cuts, bruises, and burns fast since they cut down on bleeding time.

Improve Lactation

In the ancient Ayurvedic treatment, moringa leaves were utilized to boost the lactation rate of nursing mothers. Because they are a great source of protein, vital vitamins, and vital nutrients, eating moringa leaf is extremely beneficial for the health of both the mother and baby.

Aids in Weight Management

Moringa leaves enhance the metabolism of fat in the human body. They reduce the size of the person without reducing the energy reserves. They keep the person feeling healthy and buoyant. They can reduce the craving for food and increase metabolism. They also reduce cholesterol.

Great for Hair and Skin

Due to the high concentration of antioxidants and vitamins, moringa leaves can improve the appearance and health of hair and skin. They provide suppleness to the skin and add shine to hair. The antioxidants found in the moringa leaves help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines in the face. There are about 30 antioxidants. This is not all the moringa leaves, when applied to the scalp and hair reduce the dandruff and give bounce and life to boring dull hair. The leaves also help strengthen hair follicles. They are also beneficial for acne-prone skin. This is the reason why moringa leaves are part of a wide range of cosmetics. They can improve skin tone and give a radiant appearance due to their purifying qualities and their therapeutic properties

Excellent For the Nervous System

Numerous neurological disorders have been proven to show positive results with moringa leaves. They are beneficial for the health of the brain and act as neuro-enhancers. The high levels of vitamins E and C help fight neurodegeneration and aid in improving the function of the brain. Those who suffer from migraines or have frequent headaches must consume moringa leaf frequently. The leaves can also serve as mood stabilizers since they help to regulate the release of neurotransmitters such as serotonin, dopamine, and noradrenaline which are crucial in mood, memory, and response to stimulus.

Good for Detoxification

Natural Moringa leaf extracts are cleanser and aid in detoxifying the body. This helps keep the body clean and boosts the immune system against various illnesses. Additionally, they increase the levels of energy within the body.

Treatment of mood disorders

Moringa is believed to be effective in treating anxiety, depression, and fatigue.

The treatment of asthma

Moringa could help decrease the severity of asthma attacks as well as protect against constrictions in the bronchial ducts. It’s also been found to improve breathing function and overall lung function.

Improvement in the health of your eyes

Moringa has properties that improve eyesight due to its antioxidant levels. Moringa could slow the dilation of retinal vessels, stop the thickening of capillary membranes, and prevent retinal dysfunction.

Treatment of sickle cell anemia and sickle disease

Moringa could help someone’s body absorb iron more effectively, thereby increasing the number of red blood cells in theirs. It is believed that the plant extract can be very beneficial in the treatment and prevention of sickle cell anemia and sickle cell diseases.

Possibility Downsides

Moringa as well as its leaf might not be appropriate for all. While it is generally thought to be healthy and safe for the majority of people, however, there are some small adverse effects to be on the lookout for. When taken in large amounts, the roots, leaves, bark, and moringa fruit could have laxative qualities.

For pregnant women The roots, bark, and extracts from Moringa could trigger contractions of the uterus. Pregnant women must seek advice from their physicians before incorporating Moringa leaves or products into their diets.

In the same way, mothers who are breastfeeding must avoid Moringa leaves because it is not known if some of the chemical substances in the leaves could be passed through milk to the baby.

Finally, it is recommended that those taking blood thinners avoid Moringa unless they consult a physician first. Like all medicines it is best taken in moderation it’s beneficial for most people, but be cautious when using it.

The medications you should be mindful of are:

Particularly, Levothyroxine medicine. Since the use of moringa could boost the thyroid’s function, it shouldn’t be taken with other thyroid medications.

Moringa can slow the breakdown of drugs in the liver. This can lead to other issues.

Both the moringa and diabetes medications lower the level of glucose present in the blood. If both medicines are taken together then blood sugar could fall too low.

Moringa is a plant that has properties to lower blood pressure in combination in conjunction with medication to lower pressure, which could result in blood pressure decrease.


Moringa leaves pack a potent dose of nutrition and an anti-inflammatory character. Their antioxidative properties, in conjunction with their cell-health protection properties, create a new superfood’. They block an enzyme that causes inflammation as well as reduce sugar levels. You should make these a regular part of your diet for many health benefits.

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